Carpet Cleaning –What you should know about portable carpet cleaning machines

Carpet Cleaning –What you should know about portable carpet cleaning machines

Portable carpet cleaning machinery is an effective way to clean your carpets. It is better than store rental equipment in terms of quality and additional features. This article highlights the features portable carpet cleaning equipment has and what situations it should be used.

Professional carpet cleaning businesses carry portable carpet cleaning equipment. These machines aren’t available to buy in store and cost from $3,000-5,000. Few places in Toronto have these machines for rent and start at $80 a day. These rental machines have lower water pressure at around 100 psi.

Carpet cleaning professional uses portable equipment with water pressure of 200 psi. Commercial equipment often has adjustable water pressure and temperature control. This portable unit has 2 vacuum motors to increase water removal and decrease drying time.

You will need to buy carpet cleaning solutions which cost from $15-40. You may need several bottles of cleaning solution and need to carefully consider the carpet material. The wrong cleaning solution can damage the carpet or have unwanted scents.

Vivid cleaning uses the most powerful portable steam cleaning equipment available on the market. Our machines have water pressure up to 500 psi. The unit has two vacuum motors to increase water removal from carpet material. For this the machine requires two separate outlets to operate it.

Overall, professional portable carpet cleaning equipment is used by professional for distant locations. This includes upper levels of houses, condos, apartments and other out of reach locations. Portable equipment is used when the truck mounted steam cleaning equipment can’t be used.

Professional portable steam cleaning is powerful and will give you a quality clean. Rental portable equipment is hard to find and often not as powerful. Professional equipment gives carpets a deep clean and the vacuum component allows it to dry fast and efficiently.

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