How to Use Dry Carpet Cleaning Compounds

How to Use Dry Carpet Cleaning Compounds

Your carpet needs maintenance in between your annual carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning compounds are easy to use and affective for odour removal and stain elimination. This maintenance is especially important if you have pets. Make sure no pets, plants, food or young children are present during this carpet treatment. We used Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaner.

You will need dry carpet cleaner, a carpet brush and a vacuum cleaner. First vacuum the carpet to remove some dirt, foreign fibers and hair. Sprinkle a heavy layer of the dry carpet cleaner on the carpet. Next, brush in the carpet cleaner with a carpet brush.

Leave the dry carpet cleaner in the carpet for at least 30 minutes. When the time is up, vacuum the cleaning cleaning powder from the carpet. Go carefully over each section to thoroughly remove it. The carpet is ready to use right after the treatment is finished.

You will clearly notice the colour difference after the carpet has been cleaned. This carpet treatment also helps deodorize and remove unpleasant smells. This is only for carpet maintenance and you should still get annual carpet cleaning with a professional carpet cleaner.

Vivid Cleaning offers premium carpet cleaning with our specialized steam cleaning equipment. We ensure the best deep cleaning for your carpet. This essential cleaning service is available for Toronto. Vaughan and the GTA. Vivid Cleaning has a range of cleaning services for rugs, furniture upholstery, mattresses and more. Make your life easier today by booking your next cleaning appointment today.How To Use Dry Carpet Cleaner 1. You will need Dry Carpet Cleaner, a vacuum and a carpet brush. 2. Vacuum the Carpet. 3. Apply a heavy layer of Dry Carpet Cleaner. 4. Rub in the powder with the carpet brush. 5. Vacuum up powder after 30 minutes.

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