7 Armchair Styles

7 Armchair Styles

You may not be aware of it but there are several types of armchairs. Each has its own unique design and accentuated features. A general overview of the main types of armchairs will help you decided which one is right for your living room or study.


This type of armchair is firmly stuffed and mostly has straight edges. The arms can be square or rounded. The arms are lower than the back of the armchair. This type of armchair is ideal for creating a serious atmosphere while style keeping the setting modern.


These armchairs are large and solid. They feature a rounded back that connects with the armrests of the chair. This makes the seating deep and the surrounding back and arms of the chair make it cozy. This armchair is great in coffee houses and anywhere you want to relax and read.

Wind & Winged

This type of armchair features a tall back with accentuated edges. These edge form “wings” and were originally intended to guard against wind drafts. These armchairs are traditionally placed near a fireplace. The arms are square or rounded.


This type of furniture gets its name from 19th-century gentlemen’s clubs that featured this chair for relaxing. This armchair has a deep seat and lots of space for sitting. These armchairs are often made of leather. They also feature a low back and with soft cushioning.


This armchair has an exposed wood frame that gives it slender appearance. The seat is wide with loose cushion. The wood arms are often padded to add comfort.

English Rolled Arm

This armchair has a wide and medium sized back with low armrests. The arms are rounded and padded. The cushioning is soft and has a deep seat. These are great for relaxing and doing leisure activities.

Slipper Chair

This type of chair has firm upholstery and medium sized back. The chair has no armrests. The chair has short legs and a low height. These chairs were first placed in a lady’s bedroom and assisted her in getting dressed.

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