How to Clean a Sectional Leather Couch

How to Clean a Sectional Leather Couch

Sectional or l-shaped couches are great items of furniture to modernize your living room. They add artist components to the room while functioning as essential furniture for your living room. Sectional sofas need special cleaning to keep them looking elegant.

You will need a vacuum with en extension wand, leather cleaner, gloves and a microfiber cloth. Start by vacuuming between the cushions of the sofa. It may be necessary to take the sofa apart to thoroughly clean it.

Next use mild detergent such as dish soap and water to wash the sofa. This removes residue and food from the leather material. Allow it to dry. Next, use a microfiber cloth and leather cleaning solution to revitalize the couch material. Make sure to get all areas of the couch including between the cushions and behind it. Allow the revitalize to absorb into the material.

This sofa cleaning and revitalizing will prevent the material from cracking. It also makes the material more resistant to mechanical stress caused by daily use. You will definitely benefit from a clean sofa free of dirt and residue. This couch treatment should be done up to twice a year.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional couch upholstery cleaning. We clean couches of all size and fabric material. This includes sectional couches. Vivid Cleaning only uses the best furniture cleaning equipment for your furniture. Expert couch cleaning renews couch material and deodorizes as well as provides a deep cleaning. Make your life easier by scheduling a cleaning appointment today.How to Adult  Leather Couch 1. You will need a vacuum, leather revitalizer, gloves, microfiber cloths and mild detergent. 2. Vacuum between the  Couch Cushions. 3. Wash the surface with mild detergent. 4. Use a microfiber cloth to apply revitalizer. 5. Allow the couch to dry.


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