Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

Condo Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a way to make a great start if you’ve recently moved into a condo. We steam clean condo carpet with professional equipment and cleaning solutions. We service condo carpets in and around Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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House Carpet Cleaning

The quality of your living environment starts with expert carpet steam cleaning. We offer excellent steam cleaning for all the carpet areas of your home. If you’re looking to sell a home steam cleaning the carpets makes a great impression on potential buyers.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A clean public venue makes a great impression on customers and visitors. Vivid cleaning steam clean carpets at hotels, theaters, event venues, restaurants, universities, offices, office buildings and much more. We clean carpets at commercial businesses in Greater Toronto Area.

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Bedroom Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaned carpets make for a better sleep in your bedroom.

Living Room Carpet Cleaning

The carpet in the actively used area needs the best steam cleaning.

Family Room Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy spending time with your family with expertly steam cleaned carpets.

Stair Carpet Cleaning

Stairs get a lot of use every day when you’re going up and down levels.

Basement Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in the basement needs careful cleaning to reduce mould and other pests.

Dining Room Carpet Cleaning

Food and drink frequently come in contact carpet in this area.