Condo Hallways

Condo Hallway Carpet Cleaning Toronto

Hallway Carpets in condos and apartment buildings will always get a lot of foot traffic. Tenants are moving in and out frequently. Other people are going in and out to do their usual activities. Carpets are needed in condo hallways because they dampen disruptive sounds. They are also needed for interior decorating and design.

Timely Cleaning

Condo carpet cleaning needs to be scheduled carefully. Condos have peak foot traffic times usually in the morning and evenings. The noises from steam cleaning machinery can disturb tenants and therefore can’t be done late at night. Carpets needs to dry optimally and needs air movers to decrease drying time.

Clean Hallway Carpets Matter

Nice condo interior are attractive to potential buyers and makes clean carpets important. Stains, gum and shading on carpets looks unsightly and reflects poorly on the establishment. Clean hallway carpets prevent allergies from dust, mould and other pests.