Oriental Rug

Toronto’s Best Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs can come from several locations such as Nepal, India, Pakistan, areas of Asia, Iran, Turkey, Tibet, China and Russia. These rugs have a distinctive symmetric design with geometric or rectilinear shapes. These rug design features make oriental rugs a great choice for arranging furniture pieces in a room. Oriental rugs also commonly use floral shapes and theses.

Rug Design

 These rugs are captivating because of their detailed patterns and use of colour. Oriental rooms dress up a room and bring elegance as well. This classic design can be chosen to keep a room from being boring. Vivid cleaning takes care in cleaning oriental rugs to preserve their fantastic floral designs.

Rug Care Tips

  • Vacuum your rug two to three times a week to remove most dust and dirt.
  • Clean up liquid spills immediately with clean paper towels. This prevents rug dye from bleeding.
  • Oriental rugs are often hand knotted during fabrication.
  • Oriental rugs can be made from a variety of materials such wool, silk or cotton.