Condo Carpet

Toronto’s Best Condo Carpet Cleaning

Even if you’ve just moved into a new condo, your carpets should be steam cleaned. The carpets in your condo have come in contact with all sorts of debris. Steam cleaning can help welcome you to your new condo by bringing quality and comfort.

Carpet cleaning Areas

Steam cleaning the carpets in your condo will give them a deep cleaning.  Vivid cleaning uses the most powerful portable steam cleaning equipment on the market. We steam clean carpets on any level of condo units. We steam clean bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and other carpeted areas.

Condo Carpet Facts

  • Carpets in your condo can contain dirt, construction debris, carpet preserving chemicals and even bacteria and viruses.
  • You should steam clean the carpets once you move into any condo unit.
  • Steam cleaning condo carpets can reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Steam cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet.