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Vivid cleaning offers the best upholstery cleaning services available in Toronto. We use steam cleaning for all upholstery cleaning. Pressurized hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning is the recommended cleaning method by most furniture manufacturing companies. We clean all types of fabric including microfiber, cotton, wool, polyester, silk acrylic, vinyl and many more. Don’t worry if your kids or pets made a mess on your favourite piece of furniture, Vivid Cleaning can clean it all. Keep in mind that not all upholstery is cleaned using steam cleaning. Fabrics like unbleached Haitian cotton can only be cleaned with specific cleaning shampoo. Using water and regular cleaning solution can damage the material and cause it to discolour.

Why Chose Upholstery Steam Cleaning

When it comes to upholstery cleaning only steam cleaning can clean your furniture properly. Dirt, sweat and stains don’t just sit on top of material. These particles penetrate the top layer of the fabric and show visible shading on the top layer of the upholstered material. Dry cleaning methods will not be able to reach them and steam cleaning is needed to properly clean them. The way steam cleaning works is the machine sprays hot water (not steam) with eco-friendly cleaning solution on to fabric. The pressurized water penetrates the material and lifts and loosens dirt. Then a powerful vacuum extracts all the dirt and water from the furniture. This is as close as we can get to actually washing the furniture. Generally it takes approximately 2 to 8 hours for everything to dry completely.

Upholstery Steam cleaning Steps

  1. Inspect the furniture and identify fabric material.
  2. Vacuum if required (ie. to remove pet fur)
  3. Pre-spray with upholstery cleaning solution on the fabric.
  4. Brush the pre-spray cleaning product into the upholstery using a horsehair brush to suspend dirt.
  5. Hot water extraction is applied along with fabric rinse/softner.

The last step uses our most powerful steam cleaning equipment. This provides your upholstery with a deep and thorough cleaning. We use eco friendly cleaning solutions for upholstery cleaning. The last step of hot water extraction will remove remaining cleaning solution.