Allergy Treatment

Allergy Relief Treatment

If you have allergies you are well aware of how the symptoms affect your daily function. We offer quality allergy relief treatment for your carpets. There are numerous allergens (allergy causing particles) that will cause allergy symptoms. Our allergy treatment has an affective blend that denatures allergen proteins by altering their structure. This renders the allergens inactive and they will no longer be causing allergy symptoms.

Benefits of allergy relief treatment

The allergy treatment continues to inactivate allergens that land in your carpet for up to six months. Our allergy treatment acts on dust mite droppings, dog dander, cat saliva, and cockroach waste.

Why Chose Allergy Treatment For Carpet

Our allergy treatment solutions are naturally derived and use extracts found in certain plant seeds. This product is a water based solution that is pH balanced. In addition, our allergy treatment products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and use non-toxic ingredients. This carpet product is eco-friendly, contains no pesticides and is perfume free.