Silk Rug

Toronto’s Best Silk Rug Cleaning

If you want a rug made of luxury material, silk is a great choice. Silk rugs are made of unique natural materials that can come from three main sources. Silk rugs have an uncommon luster to their fibers that other rug don’t have. Silk rugs are delicate and require special care and treatment when they are being cleaned. Vivid cleaning offers quality rug cleaning for silk rugs.

Silk Rugs In Your Home

To protect your silk rugs you can’t put them just anywhere in your home. The material is fine and doesn’t take well to frequent foot traffic or furniture on it. As a result most silk rugs are used for sitting rooms, home offices and studies. Silk rugs can also be used a tapestries and hung on the wall for additional décor.

Silk Rugs for Business

Professional businesses often use silk rugs. These rugs are exquisite items that radiate elegance and class to the business establishment. This makes silk rugs ideal to place in the reception room, business fronts and showrooms.

Important Notes for Silk Rugs

  • Rugs made of silk material need special cleaning treatment for washing and drying.
  • Silk material can come from bamboo, banana trees and insect sources.
  • Silk rug pile has a transparency that allows for its unique luster.