Basement Carpet

Best Basement Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning the carpets in your basement is important. This area is at a lower elevation and tends to have more humidity that the rest of your home. In addition to this, many basements have poor air circulation which can foster mould and fungus. Vivid cleaning offers top of the line steam cleaning for your basement carpet.

Steam cleaning for basements

Vivid cleaning offers optimal cleaning care for basement carpets. The final step of the steam cleaning process uses a powerful vacuum to remove moisture from the carpet. Minimal water allows the carpet to dry fast and prevents possible pest growth. Air movers are available to speed up the drying process.

Our Steam Cleaning Services

  • If the carpet is not dry in 24 hours, we bring in air movers to help the carpet dry free of charge!
  • We can provide air movers upon request with an additional fee.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee!
  • We offer mold prevention treatments for carpets.