Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Toronto

Silk is a soft natural material that requires a unique careful attention when they are being cleaned. The silk rug pile is delicate and needs special cleaning in order to prevent fading and potential warping. Wool area rug thick material traps dirt deep down at the base of the rug. Hair and fur also tend to get trapped in the wool fibers. Wool area rugs require professional off site rug cleaning in order to remove the dirt and dust properly. Dust and dirt will build up in synthetic rugs and they require cleaning by professional rug cleaners once a year. Professional rug washing will remove all the dirt that has settled at the base of your synthetic area rug.

Fine Hand Made Rug Cleaning Toronto

Persian rugs require special care to maintain their rich colour palettes of deep reds and navy blues. Our are rug cleaning methods will clean your rugs and it will preserve their beautiful patterns and workmanship. We clean all types of oriental area rugs from Persian, Chinese, Tibetan, Iranian and Russian. Oriental area rugs often use wool pile and need professional rug cleaning to thoroughly remove dust and dirt. Our trained master technician are able to repair and even fully restore you area rugs. Weather you need minor repairs on your rug or you want to have it completely restore. We restore all types of rugs hand and machine made.

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