Synthetic Rug

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Synthetic carpets are a popular choice for carpet. They make up 99% of carpet sales due to the variety and durability. They are cost effective and easy to install in most buildings and outdoor areas. The material require low maintenance, is stain resistant and easy to clean. Most synthetic carpets are durable and resilient to mechanical stress caused by furniture or foot traffic.

Polyester carpet material is stain resistant. Its fibers don’t readily absorb water and it is easy to clean. It is resistant to fading and bleeding of the material. Polyester carpets are ideal for entrances and if you have pets or kids. They are relatively easy to clean.

Synthetic Carpets

There are a number of materials that synthetic carpets can be made from. There are six common pile fiber materials each with their own advantages. Nylon is a cost efficient durable carpet material. Its elastic material makes it resistant to mechanical stress. The fabric is susceptible to fading and bleaching due to its acidic dye.

Olefin Or Polypropylene Carpet

Olefin or polypropylene is water resistant. This quality also makes it stain proof. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor areas such as pools and stadiums. Olefin is a strong material and its light density allows it to float on water. It’s resistant to fading and is easy to clean. Olefin isn’t resistant to mechanical stress and will flatten. It is also heat sensitive and will melt when exposed to high temperatures. This carpet material is great for temporary office locations.

Acrylic carpet

Acrylic carpet material has a soft texture and is often brightly coloured. This carpet material is stain resistant and dries efficiently. It’s resistant to fading from UV light and pests such as moths, dust mites and molds. Acrylic carpet is durable and resistant to mechanical stress. The breathable material allows the carpet to be cleaned fast and efficiently. The breathable material allows the carpet pile to dry quickly.