Hotel Carpet Cleaning

Hotel Carpet Cleaning Toronto

The key to clean hotel carpets is regular cleaning. Hotel carpets will last much longer and keep their original vivid colors with proper maintenance. This starts with a call to Vivid Cleaning. We can help you restore the beauty of the carpets and not to mention greatly extend their life. Our method makes the use of industrial strengths vacuums, high-pressure water pumps, and superheated water. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment can reach as far as 400 ft. Any area that can’t be reached with 400 feet is cleaned with our portable carpet cleaning equipment. We use the most powerful portable machine second only to our truck mounted equipment.

Hotel Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

Carpet steam cleaning does not involve steam as its name would imply. Steam cleaning involves pressurized hot water extraction. Our truck mounted machine heats water to over 100 degrees Celsius. Since the water is pressurized before it is heated, it can reach temperature of over 100 °C. The superheated hot water is mixed with cleaning solutions and sprayed on to the carpet. The hot water provides superior cleaning power with the ability to dissolve much more dirt and salt. The dirt gets extracted with an industrial strength vacuum. For best results, before steam cleaning is performed soil suspension solution is applied on the carpet to aid with the removal of dirt and stains. Heavily trafficked areas might require additional treatment before hot water extraction is done.

Carpet Drying times

We understand that any downtime for your business results in profit loss. For this reason, we use additional equipment to speed up the drying time. Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers are placed after carpet cleaning to get your hotel carpets dry as soon as possible. This ensures that you can resume your regular business and your customers can enjoy walking on clean and fresh carpet.