Wool Rug

Wool Rugs in your home

Having wool rugs in your home is a great investment. Wool rugs are known for their plush texture that feels nice to touch and brings warmth. Wool rugs are especially great to have to cushion against hard floors. Their insulating qualities guard against the cold and excess noise. Wool rugs are frequently seen in living rooms and areas where people spend lots of time together.

Wool Rugs In Business

Many professional businesses use wool rugs in their offices and store fronts. Wool rugs make a great impression with their unique patterns and textures. Theses rugs dress up any location with added luxury and warmth. With a plush wool rug underfoot, clients are drawn to the comfort and luxury it brings. Vivid cleaning has cleaned hundreds of rugs in Toronto and the GTA.

Wool Rug Design

Rugs made of wool material come in many designs. Chinese wool rugs use a light colour palette and frequently use Buddhist and Taoist motifs. Oriental rugs commonly come from places such as Asia, Iran, China, India and Tibet. These wool rugs use a rich dark colour palette and rectilinear patterns for their rug patterns. Persian rugs use floral themes and curvilinear patterns.