Persian Rug

Toronto’s Best Persian Carpet Cleaning

Most Persian rugs originate for Iran and the surrounding areas. These rugs feature artistic design of nature and floral patterns. This brings beauty and elegance to the room they are placed in. The curvilinear patterns and rug symmetry make them great for bring the room together. Oriental rugs also help arrange furniture pieces tastefully.

Rug cleaning and Rich Colours

Persian rugs require carefully rug cleaning because of their rich colours. These rugs frequently use deep reds and navy blues. Golden colours are used to make the rug patterns. Our professional rug cleaning services ensure that your Persian rugs won’t bleed or fade.

An eye for Detail

At vivid cleaning we ensure that your entire rug will get cleaned. This means that we even take care to wash the rug fringes. This detail of the rug should never be neglected when it comes to cleaning. If your rug hasn’t had its fringes cleaned, overtime it will start to show and contrast with the rest of the rug.