Sectional Cleaning

Sectional Furniture Cleaning Toronto

It’s popular to have sectional furniture in your living room especially if you enjoy family time together. It can help bring your family closer together. Sectional give your living room a modern look and are often used in basement recreational rooms. Since it’s used every day it will accumulate more dirt and stains. Everybody always have a favorite spot on furniture which will acquire extra cleaning attention. Whether you enjoy movie time with popcorn or the occasional snack, accident happen on your sectional couch. For this reason we offer premium upholstery cleaning services for all your furniture. So don’t worry if your pet likes to sleep on the furniture or your kids like eating snacks and drinking juice while they watch TV. Vivid Cleaning has you covered, whether you need upholstery cleaning in Toronto or surrounding areas give us a call at 416-939-7571.

Sectional Furniture Maintenance

It’s important to get your furniture cleaning done professionally once a year. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do maintenance in between. You should vacuum you furniture at least once a month to prevent dirt from getting deeper in to cushions. If you accidentally spill anything on your couch you should clean it up right away. We do not recommend using any store bought spot cleaners as those are not made for all fabrics. They can easily bleach out an area on the fabric or even make a simple stain permanent. The best way to treat lightly clean your couch is to use damp white cleaning towel to gently wipe the material. Make sure to wipe it in the direction of fabric pile. This will help to remove any surface dust and some stains.

Flexible Upholstery Cleaning Schedule

We understand that you want to have deep furniture cleaning and you want to use it as fast as possible after cleaning. We offer flexible cleaning hours to meet your needs. Don’t worry if you need cleaning done after hours or last minute. We offer emergency upholstery cleaning in Toronto and surrounding areas. Even if you need advice about your furniture you can always give us a call at 416-939-7571 and or staff will be glad to answer all your questions.