Entrance Mats

Entrance Mat Cleaning Toronto

Having entrance mats is essential for keeping a building clean. Essentially entrance mats minimize dirt that comes from outside the establishment. Rain, snow and dirt are the common items that entrance mats collect. Since entrance mats acquire a lot of dirt and debris, it’s essential that they get cleaned professionally.

Common entrance mat stains

Cold and wet weather brings noticeable dirt from outside the establishment. Snow in particular can bring antifreeze, sand, mud and salt. These particles can quickly over saturate the entrance mats and spread to the rest of the building. In addition to this, salt stains require extra care to fully remove them.

Professional Standards

Clean entrances mats are key for making a great impression on visitors, clients and employees. It shows that the establishments care about details and maintaining professional cleaning standards. Steam cleaning can remove nuisances such as gum and coffee stains as well..