Cubicle & Partition Steam Cleaning Services Toronto

Toronto Office Wall Partition Cleaning

Office wall partitions are probably the most overlooked item when it comes to office cleaning. Cubicle walls covered with fabric can go decades without a single cleaning. The fabric walls helps to dampen noise in an office environment but they also are full of bacteria, dirt, and allergens that can drastically lower your profit margins. They can contribute to the spread of flu and other viruses among your office staff.

Cubicle & Partition Restoration Services

Over the years dust and dirt will settle uniformly on the cubicle walls and you won’t even notice that they need cleaning as no one area will look dirty to the naked eye. Only after a construction or renovation project, the partition wall might show signs of dirt. If your office staff is experiencing poor air quality in your office it might be the time to get office partitions cleaned and disinfected.

Office Cubicle Cleaning Process

We offer complete office partitions cleaning and disinfection services throughout Toronto and GTA. Our cleaning process involves pre-treatment with soil suspension solution. This is then followed by agitation if necessary. The partition is steam cleaned with natural cleaning solutions and a botanical disinfecting product is applied on the surface to kill off any residual bacteria and viruses. Industrial air movers are then placed to speed up drying time.