Cotton Rug Cleaning Toronto

Cotton Rug Cleaning Toronto

Cotton is most often used to make flat-weave rugs. Flat-woven rugs are not as thick and sometimes not as durable as hand-knotted rugs. It is important to regularly maintain your cotton rugs as they do not hide stains as well as pile rugs. Your cotton flat weave rug might be reversible, howe, er you will not be able to flip the rug and hide spills. Some smaller cotton rugs might be machine washable however you should not attempt to wash larger rugs in a washing machine as it might damage your washer and rug.

Natural Cotton Rug Cleaning

We at Vivid Cleaning have the ability to clean any size area rug. We use only natural mild soaps for rug cleaning. These cleaning products ensure that even rugs that have been cooled with natural tea dyes do not get damaged. Our natural rug cleaning soap ensures it is safe for everybody including newborns and pets. When you chose our eco-friendly and natural rug washing services you are putting your health and environment first.

Cotton Rug Cleaning With Care

Rugs have been made for thousands of years and their cleaning method was perfected a long time ago. For this reason, handmade area rugs should not be cleaned with steam cleaning, dry cleaning or shampoo cleaning or any other modern carpet cleaning methods. These cleaning methods are designed to clean carpets and not area rugs. Cotton rugs are pressure washed with natural soap and cold water which minimizes the risk of color bleeding. Afterwards, the rug is placed on industrial wringer that first rinses the rug with clean water and then it passes between 2 massive rollers which squeeze out the water. The rug is then placed in an environmentally controlled room for drying. Once the rug is clean and dry, it is rolled up and ready for delivery.