Rug Cleaning

Synthetic Rug Cleaning

If you’re stuck on choosing which rug to get synthetic area rugs are a good choice. Synthetic area rugs have durable material which makes them great for almost any location. Synthetic area rugs come in material such as acrylic, nylon, polyester and olefin. This type of area rug is waterproof and stain resistant, making it ideal for entrances or if you have pets. Dust and dirt will build up in synthetic rugs and they require cleaning by professional rug cleaners. This will remove all the dirt that has settled at the base of your synthetic area rug.
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Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool material for your rug is great for its soft insulating material. Wool area rugs are durable and will do well in rooms with high traffic. These rugs also damp sound in rooms that echo and provide a bit of insulation against cold hard floors. However, its thick material traps dirt deep down at the base of the rug material. Hair and fur also tend to get trapped in the rug fibers. Wool area rugs require professional rug cleaning in order to remove the dirt and dust.
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Silk Rug Cleaning

You can find elegance and luxury with a silk area rugs. Silk is a soft natural material that has a unique shimmer to its pile. Silk area rugs are soft but not very durable. This is why they do best in areas with limited foot traffic and minimal furniture. Silk area rugs need careful attention when they are being cleaned. The silk rug pile is delicate and needs special cleaning in order to prevent fading and potential warping. Professional silk area rug cleaning will renew rug colours by removing the layer of dirt that has built up overtime.
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Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs bring elegance and beauty to your home. These rugs incorporate the use of curvilinear floral designs with rich colours of deep red and navy blue. Persian rugs frequently utilize vibrant green and golden colours in their patterns as well. Vivid cleaning knows that Persian rugs require special care to maintain their rich colour palettes. Are rug cleaning methods will clean your rugs will preserving their beautiful patterns and workmanship.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

There are several types of oriental area rugs and they come from locations such as Persia, China, Tibet, Iran and Russia. There are difference in colours and design with oriental area rugs. Persian Rugs for instance use curvilinear and floral designs. Iranian rugs use more geometric shapes. All these rugs use rich dyes for their pile and need to be cleaned carefully. The area rug pile can bleed and fade if improperly cleaned. Oriental area rugs often use wool pile and need professional rug cleaning to thoroughly remove dust and dirt.