Commercial Cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpet makes a great first impression for office employees, clients and visitors. Throughout the year office carpet receive a lot of foot traffic and is frequently subjected to coffee spills. Steam cleaning for your office carpet can professionally clean office carpet.

Office Chair Cleaning

Keep your office up to professional standards by steam cleaning your office chairs. Office furniture gets a lot of use during the year but it doesn’t have to look shabby. Steam cleaning will get your office furniture look as good as new.

Condo Hallways

Clean hallway carpets make for great condo living. Steam carpet cleaning keeps dust levels down with professional cleaning techniques. Pristine carpets also make a great impression for attracting potential tenants.

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Entrance Mats

Entrance mats help keep the rest of the building clean, but not when they’re dirty. Vivid cleaning cleans out dirt, salt, anti-freeze, gum, rain water and other dirt from entrance mats. Clean entrance mats are part of a professional establishment.

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Event Venues

Your place of business needs to be welcoming to visitors and guests. If the establishment carpets are dirty it will affect your potential customers. Vivid cleaning clean carpets at hotels, restaurants, cafes, sporting events, movie theaters, stores, indoor playgrounds and more.

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