How to Restore Wood Kitchen Utensils

How to Restore Wood Kitchen Utensils

We use our kitchen utensil to cook and may neglect cleaning them properly after. Wood kitchen utensils are especially prone to damage because they can lose moisture. Even if we wash them by hand instead of the dish washer, they can dry out.

There is a simple and safe method for restore your wood kitchen utensils. You will need olive oil or vegetable oil, a spray bottle and paper towels. If you can’t get a spray bottle wear gloves while applying the oil by hand.

Lay the wood utensil on paper towel and spray its surface area evenly with oil. Add enough oil so the wood glistens. Place the wood utensils in a cup. Allow the oil to soak in for at least thirty minutes or for as long as you like. After time has passed wipe the excess oil off the wood using a paper towel.

Ideally it’s recommended that we oil wood kitchen utensils after each wash. However, we are likely to forget or don’t have enough time to do it. If that is the case the restorative oil treatment should be done when you notice the kitchen utensil is drying out.

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How to Restore Wood Kitchen Utensils 1. You will need olive oil, a spray bottle and paper towels. 2. Put the utensil under paper towel. Spray it with oil. 3. Place the utensils in a cup and let them sit for30 minutes or longer. 4. Wipe off excess oil.

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