How to Clean A Toilet - The Basic Essential Steps

How to Clean A Toilet - The Basic Essential Steps

How to Clean A Toilet – The Basic Essential Steps

A clean toilet leads to a sanitary home. It’s important to ensure that this cleaning isn’t neglected since it can cause unpleasant odours. Here are the basic steps for toilet cleaning.

You will need:            

Windex, toilet bowl cleaner, rubber gloves, paper towel and a toilet scrubber.


  1. WEAR GLOVES. Toilet cleaner can contain bleach and is often corrosive. Pour toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet bowl. Get the edges of the bowl as well. Allow it to sit for a minimum of 20 minutes. For heavy calcification ie. Calcium build up, allow the toilet bowl cleaner to sit for 1 hour or more.
  2. Spray the exterior surfaces of the toilet with Windex or other disinfectants. Make sure to get the sides of the toilet, under the toilet seat, toilet handle and the area between the water tank and seat.
  3. Wipe away the Windex with a paper towel. Cloths and rags are not suggested because they need to be washed after cleaning this dirty item. Paper towel is eco-friendly, inexpensive and eco-friendly.
  4. Use the toilet bowl scrubber and scrub the toilet bowl. Make sure to get the area on the underside of the toilet bowl.
  5. Flush to rinse away the rest of the toilet cleaner.


NEVER flush paper towel it will clog your toilet.


Add a houseplant to your toilet tank. It will help keep the air fresh and allow good energy in your home.


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