5 Foods To Avoid Eating On Carpet

5 Foods To Avoid Eating On Carpet

There are some foods you will instantly regret allowing near your carpet. Everyone is aware of natural dyeing foods such as wine and tea. However the are other subtle culprits that contain food dyes. The dyes are there to make the food more pleasing so you will buy it over another similar product. There will cause horrible permanent stains on your carpet. Here are 5 foods you should absolutely avoid.

Cheesy Puffs

Cheesy puffs contain orange dye. This stains horribly especially on white carpet or wool. Once you get it in the carpet you will need special stain treatment and there is no guarantee that the stains will ever come out.

Orange Soda

Orange soda contains the same orange dye as cheesy puffs. The horrible stains it can cause are the reason hospitals don’t allow it on their premises.

Pasta Sauce

If you want a pasta sauce that doesn’t stain horribly check the ingredients. Natural organic pasta sauce typically doesn’t contain any dyes or preservatives. If you spill this sauce on the carpet it can be cleaned with organics stain carpet treatment.

Caffeine Free Coffee

This type of coffee is lighter in colour than regular coffee. To keep it looking esthetically pleasing food companies add brown colouring dye to it. However, this causes permanent stains to the carpet pile.

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