How to remove chewing gum from carpet or rug and what are some options

How to remove chewing gum from carpet or rug and what are some options

Chewing gum can end up in your carpets and can be difficult to remove. Gum is difficult to remove due to its sticky consistency. In most cases gum has to be removed before it causes carpet damage such as flattening of the carpet fiber. Thankfully there are many effective gum removal techniques available.

The most popular gum removal product is freeze spray. As the name implies this substance is sprayed on the gum stain to freeze it. The gum will now have the consistency of weak plastic material. The gum stain can be broken down after and vacuumed up.

Freeze spray is often toxic and only small amounts are used on carpet. A more eco-friendly method is to use steam cleaning to remove the gum stain. With this method a commercial steamer is angled to apply steam and pressure to stain. This heats and loosens up the gum from the carpet fiber.

Dry ice can also be used to remove gum but it needs to be handled with extreme care. Dry ice is simply applied over top of the gum stain. This freezes the gum and it can be broken off from the carpet material.

Toronto steam cleaning professionals provide top of the line carpet cleaning and know how to handle gum stains. Expert steam cleaners have come across a variety of stands and know the best method to handle each one.

Carpet steam cleaning should be done once a year. This helps maintain carpet material and provides a deep cleaning that isn’t possible with other carpet cleaning methods. Get Toronto steam cleaning and experience the professional quality of clean carpets.

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