Why you don't want to Put your laptop on the Carpet

Why you don't want to Put your laptop on the Carpet

When we’re studying or doing computer work at home we want to be comfortable. For this reason, many of us like to do our work or leisure activities on the carpet. However, it is not a good idea to place your laptop straight on the carpet for several reasons.

Most laptops have a fan to help keep the hardware cool. This fan turns on automatically every few minutes. If you place it on the carpet the fibers and other dirt will be pulled into the hardware each time the computer fan turns on.

In the long run, this affects the computer processing speed and can cause the hardware to malfunction. Even if you’ve used your laptops periodically on the carpet it is not too late to try and clean out your computer.

Compressed air can and canned CO2 products can help clean out your computer hardware without damaging it. Just use these products on the openings in the laptop to gently but effectively blow out the dirt inside. After this treatment make sure not to use your laptop on carpet, rugs, blankets or other fibrous materials.

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