Hotel Room Carpets - Best Options

Hotel Room Carpets - Best Options

When it comes to a hotel room the room must be furnished with carpet. The carpet cuts noise, provides insulation and gives a stylish look to the room. Different hotels and different suites need different types of rugs. Here is a general guideline about which hotel rooms have certain types of carpet.

In a general hotel room the carpet will be synthetic. This is because synthetic carpet is wear resistant and easy to clean. It’s common to see square carpet section for your room. This is the easiest way to make a room stylish and welcoming aside from choosing a nice colour.

In upper level and special suites in a hotel the carpet will be more luxurious. Often you will see silk and silk carpet. These carpets need special cleaning so that they don’t get damaged. However silk carpet is worth its luxurious sheen and wool feel great underfoot with its plush texture.

In ski resort hotels you will see wool carpets in a few room and mostly likely in front of a fireplace setting . The wool carpet adds extra insulation for the cold environment conditions. It also makes the hotel feel cozy and inviting.

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