How to Effectively Clean Mesh Sink Filter

How to Effectively Clean Mesh Sink Filter

Mesh sink filters are the first line of defense for preventing your drain from becoming clogged. How the sink filter its self can acquire calcium deposits and residue from just about anything. Bathroom sink filters can get clogged from toothpaste and hair. It’s important to periodically unclog your sink filter.

You will need a plastic container, vinegar and paper towels. The container should be large enough to submerge the sink filter. If you don’t have vinegar, lemon juice and even soda pop can be substituted. These liquids have a high pH concentration and are able to break down calcium and greasy residue.

Pour vinegar into the container making sure there is enough liquid to submerge the sink filter. Place the sink filter and let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. Leave the vinegar solution to sit if the sink filter needs a deep cleaning.

After the suggested time take the sink filter out and wipe the residue off. If necessary rinse the sink filter under hot water. This can also help remove hair that is stuck in the filter mesh. If the residue isn’t coming out easy leave the sink filter in the vinegar solutions for another 30 minutes. This is simple and eco-friendly cleaning method.

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