How To Keep Pastel Furniture Bright

How To Keep Pastel Furniture Bright

Light colored furniture is hard to keep bright. Dirt shows up more easily on pastel furniture and it is more susceptible to stains. There are also common mistakes that can damage furniture when placing these items in your home. Here are simple effective ways to keep your pastel furniture in good condition.

Avoid Sunlight

Placing furniture near windows can cause it to fade because of UV sun rays. Ultimately this will bleach the material and show uneven discoloration. If you do place furniture near windows make sure to use curtains to limit exposure.

Avoid Air Vents

Don’t place pastel furniture under or near air vents. The circulation of air can dry out the furniture material. Air vents do accumulate dust. This will settle on the furniture and can get deep within the fabric.

Annual Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture needs professional furniture cleaning once a year. Over the course of use, furniture will acquire shading in the fabric material. Cleaning the furniture will remove the layer of dirt and will make it noticeably brighter after cleaning. Furniture cleaning will also help protect the material.

Fabric Protector 

Fabric furniture protector will prevent staining from food and dirt. It also makes the furniture easier to clean. There are a variety of furniture protecting solutions available.

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