Lemons Vs Limes For Household Cleaning

Lemons Vs Limes For Household Cleaning

Citrus fruits are a great way to do eco-friendly housecleaning. However there are different properties and benefits for using limes or lemons for your cleaning. They have different pH properties which you can even test for yourself. Here are some features of lemons and limes that will help you know which ones to use for cleaning.

Shared Properties

-Both contain citrus ingredients

-Both are acidic

-Both work well for descaling items from calcium and other dirt deposits

-Both have a wonderful fragrant smell.

-Are high in pulp or fibrous material.

-Can be used to clean wood material such as kitchen utensils, floor boards and furniture.


-Evidently larger than limes and therefore can be used to clean larger surfaces.

-Are acidic and have a pH of around 2.30

-Low sugar content.

-Are yellow due to the anthocyan in the peel. This flavanoid changes with changes in pH.


-Evidently smaller than lemons and can be used for smaller jobs and on small items.

-Are acidic and have a pH of around 2.40. They are slightly less acidic than lemons.

-Slightly higher sugar content.

-Sensitive to cold temperatures and will go bad fast in the fridge.

-Have a higher amount of chlorophyll which makes them dark green in colour.

-This fruit also contains anthocyan which change colours with pH levels.

-Aged limes yellow as their acidic get closer to a pH of 2.

Other Notes

Fresh citrus fruit is best to use for cleaning. Ages fruit and fruit juices have lower acidity and aren’t as effective for cleaning. However, if you want a more acidic cleaner aged limes and lemons are ideal.


Similarities: -Contain Citric Acid -Are Acidic -Descale Items -Have a fragrant smell -High in fibre -Disinfect. Lemons: -Can clean larger surfaces due to size. -Acidic with a pH around 2.30 -Low sugar content. -Yellow due to the presence of anthocyan This changes depending on pH level. Limes -Good size for smaller cleaning jobs. -Acidic with a pH around 2.40. -Less acidic than lemons. -Slightly higher sugar content. -Sensitive to cold temperatures. -Higher chlorophyll content that make them dark green. -Contains anthocyan which change colours depending on pH. -Aged limes get more yellow in colour as their pH increases.

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