How to Clean Dirt and Oil Stains From Your Car Exterior

How to Clean Dirt and Oil Stains From Your Car Exterior

Stubborn stains on your car exterior can be cause by dirt, oil and bird poop. These stains can be difficult to remove.  Proper cleaning might require expensive cleaning solutions and excessive rubbing. This may result in damages to the car paint. There are two main foolproof ways of removing any stain from the paint.

The first method is uses a clay bar. Clay bars are safe to use on any car. However if you haven’t used these before its recommended that you do research in order to use them properly. These are recommended to use on small surface areas. Professional car detailer use clay bars to remove all the dirt from paint surface.

The dirt essentially gets trapped in a clay bar as you use it. As you progress you will need to fold the bar inwards periodically. This way the dirty side of the clay bar will be on the inside and you continue cleaning with the clean side. It’s important to fold they clay bar and not simply turn it over. This way you will get maximum use of it for cleaning.

Clay bars ensure the removal of all dirt from the car exterior. However, the process also requires a clay bar lubricant as well. These are usually sold in a kit along with the clay bar. After this cleaning method, it is highly recommended that you apply wax on the paint. Otherwise the paint will be exposed to the outside elements. The wax will protect the car exterior.

The second method is much simpler and much cheaper. While clay bar kits usually start at $30 dollars, melamine foam will do wonders at a fraction of the price. Simply applying water on a melamine sponge and you will be able to clean off even the most stubborn oils stains on your car. Just make sure to scrub lightly. A melamine sponge is more aggressive you do not need to scrub any areas hard. A simple gentle wipe will do the trick for a convenient price.

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