Elderly Cleaning Services

Elderly Cleaning Services

As our parents and grandparents age they can’t do all the activities they once could. This involves cleaning essentials. The elderly can’t clean due to limited mobility, energy and sometimes because of poor eyesight. For this reason, it is considerate to invest in a professional cleaning service if you can’t do the cleaning for them.

There are health risks for seniors when they are unable to clean their environment. Pests such as mice often move in and leave droppings. They can also get into the food and they are known to carrier viruses and bacteria.

Dust and dirt often builds up in the residence. Most of it gets stuck in hard to reach places such as under the furniture. The dust can cause allergies and asthma. It also gets into the furniture, bedding, mattress and curtains.

Often the elderly are sensitive to chemicals and the cleaning products need to be milder. Harsh chemicals can be harmful for your health and can cause other symptoms like headaches and skin irritation.

Vision and memory problems can also interfere with the regular cleaning routine. Seniors may forget to clean things or they just can’t see the amount of dirt and dust. These are just a few reasons they need assistance.

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