DIY Rug Maintenance With Home Dry Cleaning Compound

DIY Rug Maintenance With Home Dry Cleaning Compound

Aside from regular vacuuming, your rug needs other maintenance during the course of a year. For rug dry cleaning you will need a rug cleaning compound which is available department stores. You will also need a brush, rubber gloves, and a vacuum. Rug cleaning with dry cleaning solutions is effective and easy to do yourself.

First Vacuum

The first vacuuming will remove lingering crumbs, hair, and fur. It makes it easier for the dry cleaning compound to reach the rug fibers.

Sprinkle Dry Cleaning Compound

Spread an even layer of dry cleaning compound all over the rug. You do not require a thick layer.

Rub In The Compound

Use the brush to rub in the dry cleaning compound. The compound will start to actively absorb the dirt molecules in the rug pile. Allow this to sit for 30 minutes to an hour.

Vacuum Again

After the right amount of time has passed vacuum the rug to remove the dirt and dry cleaning compound.

Your rug should be noticeably brighter. This method provides a light cleaning and doesn’t replace the necessary annual professional rug cleaning required. It’s an easy maintenance method to refresh the appearance of your rug.

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