Patio Furniture Cleaning - When to do it

Patio Furniture Cleaning - When to do it

For all your summer get togethers you need to have your patio furniture in good condition.  Many patio manufacturers have furniture built for the outdoors but that doesn’t mean these items stay clean. Patio furniture comes in contact with dirt over the summer. It can also be dirty from pollution and bacteria. For this reason patio furniture needs professional cleaning.

The tricky part is knowing when to clean the furniture. For the most part people decide to get their patio furniture cleaned in the beginning of summer. Once we get these items out of storage and start using them we notice they need cleaning. If the furniture was left outside during the winter the items could have gotten dirt from the snow.

The other popular time to clean patio furniture is at the end of the summer. At this time the furniture has received ample use and could have received a stain or two. Before storing the patio furniture it’s a good idea to get the items professionally clean. The dirt doesn’t sit over the winter months and your furniture will be ready to use as soon as the weather gets nice.

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