How To Fix A Leather Purse Zipper

How To Fix A Leather Purse Zipper

Broken zippers can happen to even purses even if they are new. In most cases the problem is fixable. You just need a few essential items and some patience. Ina few minutes you’ll be able to look fashionable with your purse.

You will need a soap bar or long candle and tissue paper. Empty your purse and start rubbing the soap bar on the zipper track from end to end. This lubricates the zipper track and will prevent friction damage.

Gently but firmly tug the zipper in the direction of the starting position. This may take a few minutes and keep in mind that the zipper will move back into place slowly. Once the sipper is back in its original position you can wipe the excess soap off the track with a dry tissue. Wet tissue can cause the soap pieces to stick to the purse material.

Next it’s important to clean up the rest of your purse from the soap residue. Open your purse and gently shake it over a trash bin. The soap debris should fall out. Make sure to wipe the exterior purse surface with a dry tissue.

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