How to Renew a Bamboo Cutting Board Using An Eco-Friendly Method

How to Renew a Bamboo Cutting Board Using An Eco-Friendly Method

Bamboo cutting boards are great. They’re durable yet soft on cutting knives. They also last for an extended period of time. However, after multiple uses and regular cleaning bamboo cutting board may start to look dull. If improperly cared for they may even start to crack and chip. There is an easy way to maintain them.

You will need olive oil and paper towels. A spray bottle and food handling gloves are optional. Olive oil may be substituted with vegetable oil as well. Only use oil that is fit for consumption. You may want to consider cleaning and disinfecting the cutting board before oiling it. See our article.

Start by spraying or pouring small amounts of olive oil on the cutting pour. Rub in the oil with a paper towel. Start oiling on one side of the cutting board and then go to the other sections. You may need more than one oil application if the wood is dry.

Once it has been oiled set the cutting board aside so the oil can be absorbed into the wood. This can take up to half a day. The result is a renewed and restored cutting board that you will use for cooking for years to come.

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