Hot Ideas For Your Winter Sleep

Hot Ideas For Your Winter Sleep

With the cold winter months ahead it’s a good idea to know how to keep warm while you sleep. If your body becomes cold while you’re asleep you will wake up fatigued instead of refreshed. This is because you’re body has to work harder to maintain your internal temperature. Here are ways to keep toasty warm while you sleep.

Thermal Mattress

There are two types of thermal mattresses. One is electric and heats the top pad of the mattress. The other is mattress material that is made to insulate against the cold. Good quality fabric will allow proper air circulation to prevent sweating. Both types of mattress are great allowing you to get your best winter sleep.


Long or short sleeved pajamas keep your skin covered and help maintain warmth. Long gowns or long pajama pants are also useful for the same reason. Avoid sheer or silky material and thick fabric materials. The thin fabric won’t insulate against the cold and thick material will make you too hot and can potentially make you sweat.


It’s recommended that you have two different blankets handy. A regular blanket is good for providing an extra layer of warmth to cover you. For really cold winter nights you should invest in a thick wool blanket.

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