Mattress Floor Models - A Good Buy or A Terrible Expense

Mattress Floor Models - A Good Buy or A Terrible Expense

We all know that a good mattress is a big investment. It seems unconventional but many people will go the lengths to get a discounted floor model mattress instead of paying full price. There are several pros and cons to getting a mattress with this method.


Ultimately getting a floor mattress model will save you some money. They have a limited time to keep floor mattress models out on the stores. Your bed comes with all the necessary features for back support and thread count. If the mattress is made of quality materials it will last you a long period of time. Quality materials also mean that the mattress will be easy to clean.


You will definitely have to get professional mattress cleaning. It’s almost like buying a used mattress. There can also be some wear and tear on the mattress material. This is from people just testing out the mattress at the store.

The pros and cons from getting a mattress floor model are about the same. Whether you get a new mattress or a lightly used one it still needs professional mattress cleaning. After the first cleaning your mattress should always be cleaned once a year.

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