How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom With A Melamine Sponge

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom With A Melamine Sponge

We are all familiar with white magic foam sponges that perform cleaning miracles. Brand name sponges work very well and have cleaning solutions built in. However, you can purchase melamine sponges online at a fraction of a cost. For example on Amazon, you can find 100 pieces from 20 to 30 dollars. On AliExpress they can be purchased for as little as $6 for 100 pieces. Keep in mind shipping times can take over 2 months for AliExpress with free shipping option.

Once you have gotten your hands on the sponges, cleaning is very easy and simple. You can choose your favorite tile cleaner and spray it on the bathroom tile and grout. Simply start scrubbing these areas with your sponges. As you are cleaning the sponge will break apart into tiny pieces. Once the sponge is used up or is no longer large enough to clean, simply grab the next one and continue. You will see that melamine sponges will do miracles on your grout lines with little to no effort.

Melamine foam has micro-pores and its polymeric substance is very hard. While the foam is soft and feels like it has no abrasion it works like fine sandpaper. The fine quality can easily scrub grout lines and tiles surfaces. The soft texture of the foam can reach the tiniest pores in the grout and deliver cleaning solution along with light abrasion.

Keep in mind the foam will not damage the grout itself because the foam breaks upon a rough surface. This prevents damages and still provides a gentle thorough cleaning.

Good luck on your next cleaning project. If you need professional help Vivid CLEANING provides professional STEAM cleaning services for CARPET CLEANING, tile and grout, fabric sofa cleaning and more.

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