How to test pH for Acidic or Alkaline at Home

How to test pH for Acidic or Alkaline at Home

In this day and age you can do pH testing at home. This can be done for any liquid substance from cleaning solutions to shampoo to fruit juice. pH can help you determine if something is too strong for cleaning certain materials and if something has gone bad.

You will need pH testing paper, wax paper and small zip lock bags. You can purchase pH paper online in a variety stores. pH paper is sensitive to moisture and should be stored in a zip lock bag when you aren’t using it.

Start by taking a line of pH paper and immersing one end of it in the liquid you care testing. Place it on the wax paper. Use the pH chart to determine the approximate pH level of the liquid substance. Do the analysis right away. The result can be affected by humidity and other airborne substances.

In our test we tested the pH of fresh lemon, lime and aged lime. Lemon yielded a pH around 2. Lime had a pH between 2-3. For aged lime the pH paper yielded a level closer to 2. This indicates that as it ages lime becomes more acidic. This is partially indicated by its peel becoming yellow in colour.

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pH: is the measure of hydrogen ion concentration or the measure of how acidic or alkaline (basic) a solution is. pH less than 7: Acidic pH 7or more: Alkaline You will need: -pH Paper -A Zip Lock Bag -Wax Paper 1.Take a strip of pH paper and immerse one end into the sample you are testing. Use the gradient provided to match the pH colours with the pH strip. Place the samples and wet strips on the wax paper.


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