How to Clean Grape Juice Stains From Carpets

How to Clean Grape Juice Stains From Carpets

Grape stains for wine or grape juice are a nuisance to clean out of your carpet. These stains can be absorbed deep into the carpet pile. This causes them to be prone to wicking ie. After it is cleaned the stain can reappear on the carpet. Thankfully there is a quick and easy method to deal with the stain using a borax solution.

You will need borax, water, paper towels and a spray bottle. Measure out 9 grams of borax and mix it with 100 ml of water. Pour it into the spray bottle. You can use a funnel to help you with this part. Spray the grape stains about 10 cm from the carpet.

Wait 30 minutes to allow the solution to act on the grape juice stain. The stain will noticeably fade in the process. Use the paper towel to blot the stain and remove it. You can wet the carpet are if necessary. The stain should be removed. Note that some faint stains by still be present.

Scotchguarding your carpet will help make stain removal easier. This carpet protecting treatment will prevent stains from soaking into the carpet pile material. Nevertheless, your carpet should be professional steam cleaning once a year.

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