How To Clean A Sectional Couch

How To Clean A Sectional Couch

Sectional or L shaped couches are essential pieces in a modern living room. They fit into angular spaces and seat all your friends for get-togethers. However, they need different cleaning and maintenance so they won’t give in to wear and tear. Here are simple ways to maintain your sectional couch.

Periodic Vacuuming

Like other couches sectionals acquire dirt and crumbs between the cushions. This can be cleaned out with a vacuum using an extension piece that fits in tight cracks. This should be done about once a month to remove dirt as well as food crumbs. You never know you may find coins and cash.

Leather Cleaning & Condition 

For leather sectional couches the material needs to be washed about every 6 months. First vacuum the L shaped couch and then was it was a cloth and mild soapy water. Once dried the leather needs conditioning with leather revitalizer. Apply this with a microfiber cloth. Allow it to dry for several hours before using the couch again.

Annual Upholstery Steam Cleaning

For fabric sectionals, you should have them cleaned with a professional furniture cleaner once a year. Not only does it wash the couch material it also renews the fabric to prevent wearing.

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