Couch Cleaning Requirements For Different Materials

Couch Cleaning Requirements For Different Materials

Your couch s a center piece for the living room. It would be much different without it. This item of furniture gets used often and with daily use it gets dirty and stained overtime. As a result your couch won’t look the same in a year. Couch materials need different types of cleaning.

For regular maintenance your couch should be vacuumed at least once a week. This gets rid of dust and crumbs that have settled between cushions. It also prevents pests from settling in as well. Food and beverages attract pests to your couch.

Leather couch are more durable and wear resistant with proper maintenance. You will need to clean the surface with leather cleaner or mild soapy water. After it is dry apply leather conditioner to revitalize the leather. This will prevent the surface from cracking and wearing out.

Regular synthetic fabric couches require annual steam cleaning. For this you should really on a professional furniture cleaning company. Steam cleaning will give your furniture a deep cleaning using expert equipment to apply pressurized hot water and cleaning solution.

For special fabric such as silk it’s important that you notify the steam cleaning technician. Silk, Haitian fabric and other delicate materials require special settings for water temperature and pressure.

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