Pets and Your Mattress

Pets and Your Mattress

When it comes to pets they will end up in your bed with your at some point. The critical thing is that they will be bring pet dander, fur and dirt to bed with them. Dogs go for walks daily and pick up all sorts of particles on their paws which don’t get washed until bath time. If you still want to allow your pet into bed with you there are ways that you can keep the mattress clean for the both of you.

A good mattress cover is essential for keeping most dirt out of the mattress material. This barrier can also guards against sweat and other liquid spills. You should wash the mattress cover once a month to keep the bedding fresh.

Have a top cover on your bed for your pet. A blanket or special cover for your bed will keep the bedding clean. It will also capture most pet fur and other dirt your pet may bring to bed. You can also designate a blanketed area for your pet to sleep on if you still want them to sleep in bed with you.

Periodic deodorizing your mattress will prevent the material from smelling and affecting your sleep. Annual mattress cleaning with a professional mattress cleaning company will protect the material as well as providing a deep cleaning for the mattress.

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