How to Remove Wine Stain Using Simple Ingredients

How to Remove Wine Stain Using Simple Ingredients

Wine and grape juice stains are tricky items to get out of clothing. These drinks tend to dye whatever they land on and are prone to wicking. This means the material absorbs the wine stain deep within it. When the stain is cleaned it will reappear afterward again. This is because the after the material fiber was cleaned it still contains some of the wine within it. The residual wine leaches out after cleaning.

Thankfully there are simple tips and tricks to prevent the stain from becoming permanent. It’s handy to treat wine stains when they’re fresh for the best results. For all other times, dry stains can be removed but not as easily.


Borax is used both as a deodorizer and wine stain remover. Simply add 9 g of Borax to 100 ml of water. Mix the solution until the powder is completely dissolved and the solution is clear. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and then apply it to the stain. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


This is only recommended for white clothing. Bleach has a strong unpleasant smell and it will burn and discolour coloured clothing. Wear gloves and carefully apply the solution to the stain with a Q-tip. Put the item in the washing machine right after. Add a small amount of clothing detergent and use hot water.

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You will need: Borax, water, and a spray bottle. Dissolve 9 g of Borax in 100 ml of water. Pour the solution into the spray bottle. Spray the stain. Rinse. Repeat.


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