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Need carpet cleaning in Toronto – look no further! Vivid Cleaning can handle all of your carpet cleaning needs. Whether you are interested in having one room in your condo or a whole floor of office carpets cleaned, we are the right carpet cleaning company for the job.

Toronto’s best carpet cleaning company

Welcome to Vivid Cleaning.  As a leading in Toronto we use only the highest quality carpet cleaning solutions. We offer four different carpet cleaning packages to fit your budget and carpet type. We’ve built our reputation by maintaining outstanding relationships with our customers and always going the extra mile to keep them happy and carpets clean. No matter what your cleaning needs are, we can help you.

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  • Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Truck mount carpet cleaning
  • We provide ECO-Friendly carpet cleaning
  • We provide carpet cleaning 24/7
  • We don’t have any hidden fees
  • 24 hrs. emergency carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

Vivid cleaning uses professional equipment to steam clean your carpets. Quality goes into our cleaning to ensure that yours carpets receive the best cleaning. Steam cleaning gives carpet a deep cleaning and extends the life time of the carpet.

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Rug Cleaning

We deal with all types of rugs such silk, wool, synthetic, Persian, Oriental and much more. Vivid cleaning knows all rugs have unique requirements for cleaning. We have all your rug care needs covered from stains to rug fringes.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstery can only be cleaned with professional steam cleaning equipment. Our steam cleaning machinery provides deep cleaning. We clean a variety of furniture from sectional couches, mattresses, dining room chairs and more.

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Commercial Cleaning

Having your commercial venue cleaned to professional standards makes the best impressions on customers and staff. We offer flexible 24/7 steam cleaning services including weekends. We offer emergency carpet cleaning.

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Our Steam Cleaning Process

“There is no point in using anything but the highest quality/most powerful equipment when cleaning a carpet, to obtain the finest results. Using low grade equipment would be the equivalent of using a low grade washing machine to clean your laundry.” This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done it is just not time or cost efficient. For this reason we offer only Pressurized Hot Waster Extraction cleaning (commonly known as steam cleaning). As the name suggests, you need high pressure, hot water and high extraction power. You can’t have high pressure without having high vacuum power otherwise it would be called pressurized hot water cleaning. This would work for cleaning a car but not a carpet.

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

The second factor that impacts the cleaning results is the cleaning solution. For example, when doing the laundry you don’t put clothes in the washer without having any detergent or anything cheap for that matter. You want the best results and in order to do that you need to put in a high quality detergent. The same things factors in when cleaning carpets. Lastly, the third aspect is the knowledge and experience needed when cleaning a carpet. All of our technicians have professional training in order to clean all the carpets with the precision and accuracy it takes to achieve the highest possible results. Don’t wait and give us a call to get the Best Carpet Cleaners in Toronto with out truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment.

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I used Vivid cleaning to do a deep carpet cleaning for my whole house. The cleaner was professional, considerate, worked quickly, and did a great job. The next day I noticed that one area where a stain seeped back through the carpet padding, called Vivid back and they came the same day to do the…

I wanted to say that Vivid did a fantastic job of cleaning my basement apartment. Richard and Roland were very professional and met all my expectations. I asked them if they could come out late in the evening and they came out the same day. Very impressed with the customer service and the price and…

The Gentleman at the phone when i called was very nice and serviced me for the carpet cleaning within 2 days pf my call, the price was the best in town!!! I was getting charged a lot by other companies, i am very satisfied with his job and customer service skills, I strongly recommend VIVID…

Roland was excellent and quick in replying to my emails/text messages and also didn’t hesitate to coordinate with my needs/request even though they were out of his paid responsibility. After cleaning, Roland also followed up with me on ‘after service’. From the start to the end, I was very pleased with his work.

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